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1: American Idiot is coming to LA. We saw it in NY featuring Billie Joe
2: Bottled Coke is so much better than canned or from the fountain
3: Wanted a picture of us together ^_^
4: Went into HD Buttercup to browse for furniture (we're moving!)
5: My new pair of flats from H&M
6: Loved Cotton On Kids' display
7: My new F21 spring necklaces
8: Tacos al Pastor are the business
9: John, the man behind the lens (1 of them)
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Another winter day in LA. Only this time, it 80 (degrees) F. I was encouraged to wear something light. I somehow then came across this yellow skirt, which is a few years old, and thought it would be a great combination with my chambray from Old Navy. These green flats were one of my recent acquisition from this week. Green is such a nice pop of color.

photo 4
photo 1
photo 3
photo 2
skirt (old): F21; chambray: Old Navy; shoes: H&M; bag: American Apparel; bracelets: H&M, F21, Marc by MJ
pictures by Jesse V

Wonderful day in Los Angeles it was. It was in the high 70s while still in winter. I couldn't be happier to wear my new asymmetrical skirt from Target.
In other news, we are migrating over to Mar Vista. Yay! The boyfriend and I signed the lease and we start moving in next week. And do you know what that means? Furniture and décor shopping! It's going to be ah-mazing!
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skirt: Target; blouse, bag, bracelets: H&M; shoes: Steve Madden; rings: (1)H&M, (2,3)F21; sunnies: Nordstrom; necklace: NY & Co.
photos by John

Finally purchased an iPhone 4S and I'm instagraming EVERYTHING! ;)

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1: the set-up for the Remainer's stage at the Staples Center
2: Crêpes in the Farmer's Market at the French Crêpe Co.
3: La Paris Crêpe
4: Cool artsy band-aid
5: In LOVE with this show (caught up on season 2)
6: Mom's birthday cake
7: Our family dog, Diamond
8: My bracelet ensemble from my last post
9: My sister, Vanessa, and I being silly
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Had a lovely time spending time with my sisters and nephew. We were in Santa Monica eating and shopping (what we do best).
My outfit was inspired by the spring ads that I've seen all over catalogs and magazines. The blouse and the skinnies were my most recent purchases from F21. I unintentionally tried on both items in the fitting room and saw that it was PERFECT! Love it when that happens :)
Hope your Sunday went well.

one of my sisters (Jimmie's mother)
pants, blouse: F21; shoes: Target; blazer: ZARA (old); bag: H&M; bracelets: Marc by Marc Jacobs, F21, H&M
photos by Vanessa and myself

The Remainers had the opportunity to perform during the intermissions for the Kings vs Flames NHL game on January 19th, 2012. This is part of a competition that will take place for a couple of months. This competition will require their fans to vote for them to win.

IMG_6128 IMG_6098
photos by myself

The first show in 2012 was brought to us by The Remainers. They performed last Monday night at the Silverlake Lounge and had a great set. There is where I met a Canadian blogger,
Amanda. Her blog is about health and wellness. It was nice to meet another blogger who also has a great taste in music.
p.s. I've attached The Remainers' first video.


Sunday outfit photo.

parka, skirt: Cotton On; chambray: Old Navy; blouse: Target; shoes: Steve Madden; beanie: F21
photos by Sean C.

One of my most recent purchases was this cadet hat by BCBG. What was really great about it was that it was on sale! Nothing feels better than buying an item that's cute and on sale. It has all the elements of a chick yet fashion runway status; shape and design. It looks expensive yet it's affordable.
p.s. we were on our way to the El Capitan to see "The Muppets."

IMG_8545 - Anne,Stop
IMG_8539 - Anne
IMG_8554 - Anne,Cyborg
IMG_8562 - Anne,Vignette
IMG_8586 - Anne
IMG_8515 - Anne
IMG_8565 - Josh,Stop
IMG_8516 - Anne
IMG_8577 - Anne,Street
hat: BCBG; blouse: F21; trousers: H&M; shoes: Steve Madden; bag, watch: Michael Kors
photos by John