Sunday funday? Sike. The only two things I did were visit my friend Jazmyn in Long Beach (talked about life) and went shopping at Nijiya Market for some meiji Lucky Stick box and an Iron Club train model for my beloved. He is abscessed with trains and airplanes.
I am sharing items that I saw at the Japanese store and a self-portrait.   
Today, the English alternative band (my favorite), Radiohead, have released their new album entitled The King of Limbs. It is very exciting to have new music from them. It has been about 4 years since they released In Rainbows and new music was definitely much needed for my lovely ears. You can purchase their 8-track album here for $9 US dollars. It is safe to say that they have not lost their Radiohead touch. :D
Aside from releasing their album, they also released a new music video for their track entitled "Lotus Flower," which was posted on their official band website. Thom's dancing skills are quite eclectic...and I like it. His dancing reminded me of when they performed for their In Rainbows tour at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Here is the video for "Lotus Flower":
P.S. I'm also sharing moments that I captured during the In Rainbows tour in 2008 at the Hollywood Bowl. Enjoy!
(I was lucky enough to have been seated 5 rows away from the stage)
Happy belated Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I decided that a picnic was perfect for this day. (I decided to bring a cut out of a heart to use as a prop for some photographs in honor of V-Day).  
We went to Del Cerro Park, Rancho Palos Verdes and it was rather cold. As soon as we were done eating, we left. It was that cold. We then went for a joy ride to Downtown San Pedro and saw cool little shops, restaurants, and bars.
Valentine's Day is just another day in February. I always celebrate my love for matter where we are. =)