St. Patrick's Day is a day where the Irish celebrate Christianity being brought to Ireland. It is also a day where people drink from 6 am until they pass out with friends while drinking green beer.
For this holiday, we gathered with friends and celebrated in DTF, Downtown Fullerton, in a bar called Heroes Bar & Grill  after going to California Pizza Kitchen in the afternoon at Cerritos.  I finally was able to meet John's best-friend and his girlfriend after many attempts (we were only cyber friends). I can also finally say that I did something for St. Paddy's Day after many years of working that particular day.  Yay! 

Part I.
John and I started out our St. Paddy's Day by having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Cerritos. I ordered a delicious Asparagus & Arugula Salad from their Small Cravings Menu (which btw, I highly recommend) and a personal Hawaiian BBQ Pizza. After leaving CPK, we noticed how beautiful the sun looked while it was setting and I quickly snapped a photo before it was gone. (I also included random observational photos.)
Part II.
The drinking began at a bar in Downtown Fullerton called Heroes Bar & Grill (btw, it's really a cool hang out spot). We managed to get in quickly with no wait because we were hanging out in the back (by the patio) and got swooped in. I've never seen a place filled with the color green ever in my life. It was amazing to see all these people participating in the holiday spirit.  
Aside from being amazed at the decor in the bar, I was also excited to have finally John's best-friend, Rudy Himself and his girl friend, Angela. We are cyber friends thanks to facebook, twitter, and via text messaging, but we've never really met officially. It was fun to spend time with those who are close to my boyfriend.