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Happy Styling,
I've been a fan of this color ever since I saw the Céline clutch (below). I love
this color!
It's such a nice shade of blue (my favorite color) to wear and can
make an ordinary outfit really go to the next level. I am definitely looking into
wearing this color one way or another.

BlueCelineClutch summer street style cobalt blue
source: Harpar Bazaar, Vogue, StockHolm Streetstyle
Happy Styling,

Quick shoot! Cheeeeeese.


I came across this mini documentary on Delightfully Tacky's blog a couple of days ago. I saw it and immediately thought about posting and sharing it with everyone. It's about The Sartorialist's (a famous blogger) work and his everyday routine as he waltz on the streets and snaps photos of people's outfits. He is very good at what he does and I admire him.