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1: I am falling in love with "Regular Show." 2: South Central power lines from my old neighborhood. 3: A parasol from a "raspado" stand in South Central.
4: John's father, William, playing hoops at age 63. 5: A snapshot of the 110N in downtown LA. 6: I love my Passat TDI SE.
7: Johnnie's diner filming location. 8: I love Venice mural while riding bikes. 9: John riding his bike in front of me while the sun is setting.

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1: new items for my east coast trip
2: frapp break
3: yummy chicken and waffles from Bru's Wiffle
4: centerpiece with my babe in the bg
5: late night workout
6: iphone art
7: new shoes
8: Edward Sharpe & MZ at Jimmy Kimmel
9: photo opp while running
10:pretty pattern and colors
11:new necklace
12:Julia Stone at Hollywood Forever Cemetary

these pictures were taken while Kansas City.

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1: a cherry donut from Shipley's Donuts at the Houston airport
2: a cute puppy stuffed animal from UO
3: a Raspberry Lemonade cupcake from "Cupcake a la Modé"
4: Downtown Kansas City
5: Union Station, Kansas City
6: model railroad
7: John's great-grandparent's business
8: my outfit for that day
9: John's roots
10: on our way to KU, Kansas
11: KU's jayhawk
12: a famous bbq chain in Kansas City
13: my streetstyle outfit
14: a random girl at the Radiohead concert
15: concert photo
16: Thom Yorke
17: another concert photo
18: souvenir shirt
19: concert tee
20: leaving our marks in KC
21: view from our window landing in Denver

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1: my view from our United airplane to Las Vegas (clouds are awesome)
2: view landing to Las Vegas
3: famous Vegas sign
4: Friday's night show
5: The Remainers' stage
6: The entrance to LOVE by Cirque du Soleil
7: Arian
8: Matt
9: Me
Good times in Vegas!

These images were from last week. It was moving week and didn't have time to update.

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photo 3 photo 5 photo 4
1. LA traffic to Orange County
2. While driving, we encountered a carnival
3. Can you see me?
4. The entrance to our new apartment
5. A cool vintage frame with a reflection
6. Training with Nerissa for work
7. Most of the pieces I was able to buy from Jason Wu for Target
8. Jason Wu for Target handbags
9. A Jason Wu for Target dress
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