my week in 9 images

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1: American Idiot is coming to LA. We saw it in NY featuring Billie Joe
2: Bottled Coke is so much better than canned or from the fountain
3: Wanted a picture of us together ^_^
4: Went into HD Buttercup to browse for furniture (we're moving!)
5: My new pair of flats from H&M
6: Loved Cotton On Kids' display
7: My new F21 spring necklaces
8: Tacos al Pastor are the business
9: John, the man behind the lens (1 of them)
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Finally purchased an iPhone 4S and I'm instagraming EVERYTHING! ;)

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1: the set-up for the Remainer's stage at the Staples Center
2: Crêpes in the Farmer's Market at the French Crêpe Co.
3: La Paris Crêpe
4: Cool artsy band-aid
5: In LOVE with this show (caught up on season 2)
6: Mom's birthday cake
7: Our family dog, Diamond
8: My bracelet ensemble from my last post
9: My sister, Vanessa, and I being silly
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