John and I decided that a road trip to Humboldt for my friend's wedding in the Redwoods would be a good idea. Although it took about 14 hours to get to Garberville from Los Angeles (including breaks).Of course like many people do, we took turns driving and had breaks in between. Our first break was at Pea Soup Andersen's, where they are famous for their split pea soup. We randez-vous with Bill and had breakfast after 4 hours of driving on the I-5. They had spit pea soup while I ate a delicious California omelet.
After eating a delicious breakfast, we headed to San Francisco and ran some errands in the city. Mainly to buy last minute things and to just hit the city because it was on our way. As we were walking around, John and I were pretty much the only ones in shorts. Everyone else had autumn or winter attire. It was 53(degrees)F! ON A SUMMER DAY! Bill was explaining that the only time that the bay experiences hot days is in October.
We continued our road trip on the 101-N crossing the Golden Gate bridge and the rainbow tunnel. Fog was coming as we were driving and I thought for a second it was autumn. Driving through 101 to Northern California makes you feel like you are driving in another state. We came across an ample amount of vineyards and countryside views that were amazing. I wanted to stop and snap for photos, but we were on a schedule to arrive at the Benbow Inn. The only other stop we had along the way before arriving was at Willitz. This city is nothing like any southern California city. Population was about 5,000 people. It was a city from a movie...a countryside city.

photos by John and myself
shorts, cardigan: F21;blouse: MNG; shoes, bag: Target

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