It was announced a few weeks ago that our friend, Kenneth Espaillat aka Kenny Palm Twiggs (I mean Trees), will be leaving his second home, Los Angeles, to move back to his roots/hometown, New York. Its been about 3 years since he joined our crew and we are glad he was a part of it (at least I was).  He brought joy, laughs, and excitement at work and off-work. Surely, he will be missed (and his "out-of-control" beard).
As a result of him moving back to New York, he invited everyone to his "Going Away BBQ" Sunday evening at his place and it was a blast. Almost everyone showed up and it was wonderful.
 All in all, we wish him the best of luck with everything.

3/30/2011 09:51:12

fun times. goodbye kenny

3/30/2011 18:20:24

Had a great time!But sad to see you go, Seriously. :(


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