H&M Blouse | Target Baseball Cap | H&M Coat | H&M Boyfriend Jeans | Forever 21Necklace | Kate Spade Handbag | Steve Madden Heels
Where do you start when you style an outfit? I sometimes start with in this current craving. I saw these Steve Madden heels and went on from there (can you believe they are on sale? They're $99.98!!!). I decided to keep it neutral for a more sophisticated look with the blacks and whites. These boyfriend jeans from H&M look a little edgy with the rest of the ensemble and gives it that balance of chic yet laid back. And guess what? They're also on sale (until 10/31/13 online) for $19.95! I'm definitely buying these. Can we talk about the hat, though. I'm sure you all have seen them around lately. I stumbled across this hat when I googled searched for "leather baseball caps." I think that Target nailed it with this faux leather. I love that matte black necklace too. It's definitely a staple for this fall.
Stay tuned for more current cravings...
Happy Shopping,
William jamieson
11/1/2013 14:01:13

Try working with the fog pics in B/W


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