Friday was my little brother's birthday (Happy Birthday Jesse) and we did a couple of things. In the morning, we all went hiking at Runyon Canyon (as usual) as my birthday gift to him ;). After sweating and huffing and puffing, Jesse and I went to a vintage shop called Retro Reload. If you are in the southbay area, it's near you. It's on PCH towards Rolling Hills. I actually went to this store a couple of days prior to purchasing the vintage Gucci bag that you see below and purchased a top for $5. Unbelievable! Other people's trash can be my treasure. ha! Anyway, after the day went by, we came accross a FIREWORKS bungalow and I decided to buy us some sparklers and some fireworks for my brother. As we were browsing, I found it schocking that people pay crazy amounts of money for firework packages. There was one called the "Big Bang." It was priced at $500. $500!!! That's like 2 pair of shoes...sheesh! After all that shenanigans, we all went to dinner at STACKED. This place is nice, although everything is a la carte. They use iPads for customers to order their food. You pretty much don't need a waiter (only when they bring your food to the table.) You can customize your burgers, pizzas, sandwhiches (cookie too), milshakes, etc. on their app that's preloaded on the iPad. i enjoyed my food and my experience. You should check it out.

my parent's house number. I thought it was cool that it had the flag.
shorts: World Plus; button up, ear rings: Forever 21; ring: H&M; bag: vintage Gucci (Retro Reload); shoes: Topshop; sunnies: Ray Ban; watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs c/o the boyfriend
outfit photos: Jesse (my brother) other: myself

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