What are your thoughts about concert t-shirts? I find them to be a great way to support the artist (or band). I also like that you can keep them as souvenirs for the the vintage Rolling Stones and The Beatles, but I also like them because they can make a great way to add character to your casual in this case. I wore it to contrast the chic pants and add that "bad ass" touch to the ensemble. Also, a necklace is a great way to make it more feminine.
Speaking of concert tees, my sister and I attended the Kanye West show Saturday night at Staples (c/o KIIS FM..I won over the radio ^_^). It was such a well performed show...the stage, the set list, his wardrobe, his way of expressing his "thoughts" was inspiring. We both had a great time...not to mention our seats were killer. It was a great Saturday night.
p.s. this is our new backyard. More photos to come in the near future.
p.p.s. I LOVE the pattern of these trousers...

April 10
outfit: pants: Target | shoes: ZARA | bag, neklace: F21 | shirt: Yeezus Tour | coat: Old Navy
photography by John J
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